Welcome to the Atlantic ICW Kayak Expedition

This is a list of dried foods and recipes suitable for a kayak and a solar cooker.

Dried foods are cheap, nutritious, have a long shelf life, are low in weight, do not take up much space, can be found in any season, are easily stored, and do not need refrigeration. The prices are current in 2016.

The following, while not dried food, are cheap and nutritious emergency food that you can eat right out of the can

Spam Lite Spam Lite—fewer calories, half the fat and more protein than regular Spam (same price) at 20.8¢/oz. Also available in singles.
Baked Beans Canned baked beans at 5.1¢/oz.
Solid White Albacore Tuna In Water Solid White Albacore Tuna In Water 23.6¢/oz.
P-51 Can Opener Make sure you have several of these P-51 can openers and, in an emergency, how to open a can without an opener or tools. Alternatively, buy cans that have the opener built in (like Spam cans).