Welcome to the Atlantic ICW Kayak Expedition

Equipment list

Folbot Greenland II Sea KayakFolbot Greenland II Sea Kayak.

Attwood Bellow 110db Signal HornLung-powered Air Horn that meets Coast Guard Rule 33 (Annex III), Flares, Whistle.

Schwinn Loop Folding BikeSchwinn Loop Folding bike. Many of the smaller towns along the Mississippi River are well back from the river to avoid flooding. This is the ideal way to get your provisions.

Solar Cookers: How to Make, Use, and Enjoy. This is a handbook published by Solar Cookers International that includes detailed plans for building a CooKit solar panel cooker. Here are many recipes.

Digital Camo Tarp, 12' x 16', WoodlandDigital Camo Tarp, 12' x 16', Woodland (Needed to hide the kayak when going for provisions). Make sure you stake it out well and, if you are expecting it to be windy, tie it off with camouflaged rope.

First Need XLE ELITE Water PurifierWith the First Need XLE ELITE Water Purifier you can get your water supply directly from the river. Removes bacteria, microbes, viruses, pesticides and solids.

Nalgene Wide Mouth CanteneThis Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene fits onto the First Need XLE ELITE Water Purifier.

Simple Solar Water Still
Here is a very clever trick using a 2l soft drink bottle and a towel to purify water.

Nokero solar-powered lightingNokero solar-powered lighting. Always a good idea to have a couple of these available.

Luci® OutdoorLuci® Outdoor inflatable, waterproof, solar-powered light.

Magnesium/Flint FirestarterMagnesium/Flint Firestarter

Midori Eureka 3-person tentThe Midori Eureka 3-person tent is, quite simply, the best tent I have ever owned (and I have had many). It is well-made, roomy, has two doors, takes only minutes to set up, and is extremely well ventilated. It is also available in 2-person and solo versions.