Second dry run to Goose Island

Following up the first test with a trip to Goose Island State Park and Aransas Bay by kayak.

Aransas Bay and Matagorda Island

Arriving at Goose Island
Aidan and I made it to Goose Island from January 4-6 however, we only made it out in the kayak on the Monday.

Carrion birds
By Tuesday the wind was over 15 knots (whitecaps on the waves) and we were stuck on shore for the last two days. We tried to test the Digital Camo Tarp but it ended up being a big sail and we almost launched ourselves into the bay.

Tent and boat overlooking Aransas Bay
This is the view from our campsite after the kayak trip.

Aidan and The Big Tree
The Big Tree
Aidan at The Big Tree (over 1,000 years old—the tree not Aidan).

Swim at your own risk
The weather was nice again on the day we had to leave. Heed the sign! There are razor-sharp oyster shells everywhere (I slashed open my finger).

The next planned trip to the area will visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services at Live Oak Point, TX. Where there are viewing platforms for wildlife. See February, 2016.
Observation Tower